Hear from Xtra Clean’s valued clients

Tiff originally began working for me over 3 years ago cleaning my residential home and I was extremely happy with not only her cleaning but attention to the little “extras”. As I run 2 Airbnb properties and I immediately engaged Tiff and her team to clean those which included making beds, cleaning and presenting the properties.  As they have a great eye for detail this was really beneficial as they take pride in their work and the overall appearance of a room.  Xtra Clean is a great asset for our business. Tiff is extremely reliable and competent.  Cleaning days and times can change working in the holiday accommodation arena, but Tiff has always where possible been accommodating in changing or rearranging dates and times to help out.  She just has an easy-going, we can do attitude and her versatility and flexibility has been amazing. Our whole family really like Tiff and her team and that is important when you have someone coming into your personal space.  I can’t recommend Tiff and her team highly enough – when you finally find a “great” cleaner it’s refreshing and restorative for your peace of mind.  Tiff and her team are polite, professional and on-time!.

Bridgette R.

I have an active family of four, with two teenage boys who create more than their share of mess and mayhem. My wife and I try and keep on top of things but with our very busy lives, we just can’t compete. I was introduced to Tiff and Xtra Clean, with the description that she ‘is the best cleaner on the planet’. Which was perfect, because due to the aforementioned children I required nothing short of this standard. I was not disappointed. Tiff and the crew are exceptional. From a service perspective, they are on time, courteous and absolutely trustworthy. To add to their brilliance, they also clean without chemicals. Which seems to have worked better than using chemicals. I have no idea why or how, but I am not going to argue. 100% confident in recommending Tiff and her team to families, businesses or anyone that requires the best cleaner on the planet.

Paul A.

Tiffeny from Xtra Clean has looked after my home for several years. I appreciate the natural products which are used and the fact my house is always cleaned to my satisfaction. Tiffeny is flexible in accommodating to my routine.

Kaye L.

Tiffeny and the team at Xtra Clean are amazing, they are very thorough with what they do, their use of no chemicals is a great reassurance that our environment is being looked after while my environment is clean and safe.

Paul R.

The team at Xtra Clean have been cleaning our home for a while now and we couldn’t be happier. There is never any wasted time, you always get their undivided attention while they are cleaning and its always done at a pace that makes me feel exhausted just watching them. They are so thorough and meticulous with what they do. Having a cleaner who is so passionate about the environment and knowing that they don’t use chemicals is a reassurance for me and my family, that our health isn’t being compromised, we love it. If you’re thinking of getting a cleaner and want someone you can trust to do a fabulous job and go above and beyond the standard cleaner then give the team at Xtra Clean a call.

Georgy R.